Privacy policy of TheDesk

Data and information shared between TheDesk and other servers

TheDesk connects your instance through your login data(access token), get and post data. All contents got and posted should be bound with ToS(term of service), privacy policy and law in the hosted country.

All auth data are located at your computer. No one cannot get your auth data with a general method. Auth data and other contents are directly used by only TheDesk and your instance. They cannot be known by the TheDesk developer. Your VPN server or your provider may know such data. Some dependent libraries may be malwares, post your private data to evil servers. TheDesk developer check them to prevent, but it is not TheDesk developer's charge. All data are passed on the TLS-encrypted route. TheDesk however does not check the server's HTTPS cert.


TheDesk OSHIRASE feature(TheDesk info-mail)

TheDesk gets some information from the developer. TheDesk is always being connected with the developer's server. Then, the developer's server save log: your IP address and your User Agent to keep it sustainable.

Spotify NowPlaying

Also check Privacy policy of Spotifyopen_in_new TheDesk use the database hosted by the developer to provide posting NowPlaying of Spotify. This server has your Spotify auth data(not mail-address or password) The developers keep the DB secure, but if it seemed leaked, you can block TheDesk on Spotify: check Spotify help. If you cannot agree, all you have to do is not use Spotify NowPlaying. It's OK.

Twemoji(MAX CDN), Google Fonts are also used. You cannot stop using them.

#InstanceTicker are hosted by the developer's server

Data and information shared between TheDesk official site and other servers

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