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Version: 24.1.3 (Anastasia)(PWA version is following the master branch)


64bit (84.7MB) 32bit (81.3MB)


64bit (84.5MB) 32bit (81.1MB)


For Windows on ARM(beta) and more...


Windows build


Get it from the Snap Store

If snapd is installed, type sudo snap install thedesk to install.

64bit (115.5MB)


For Ubuntu, Debian

64bit (89MB)


64bit (126.3MB)

Linux build


brew cask install thedesk

dmg(Universal: for Intel and M1 Mac)

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Download (196.7MB)

macOS build

PWA on your browser

If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can try TheDesk without download, but you cannot use some 'native' functions.

Netlify auto builder among the commit, you can use the latest TheDesk anytime.

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Infinity columns
You set flexible columns without differences between accounts.
All columns can connect streaming API and have own header color.
Single is simple
Look at toot box!!
TheDesk has a secondary toot button to post a toot with another status privacy.
TheDesk has more features than any other client.
TheDesk has more than 40 options.
You can import and export these config data.
Make your unique client.
It's easy.
TheDesk has as many documents as its features.
From how to toot to minor preferences.
Get more than 100 pages Web documents on:Here(ja)

Support everything

Get many original features

Get the fastest support of 3rd party client. We publish the update every 1 week(average)



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Multi columns Get everything,
without swiping, clicking...
Multi accounts It's time to ditch Mastodon tabs on your browser
call_merge Integrated TL You can merge LTL to HTL
Image viewer zoom with mousewheel,
a single click to save it.
view_day Auto
Hide what is too long to read.
Mute and emphasis Source client and word mute enabled.
Nano The smallest mode
NowPlaying Spotify and iTunes(macOS) NowPlaying with its artwork.
g_translate Post Translate You can translate foreign toots with a single click
people_outline Glance TL You can glance at LTL without login.

Official client of

Login without typing

Support instance


You can login all instance of this world.

Support original features of instances

We follow all features providing API of instances.

Quote toots Other
  • Astarte(kirishima.cloud): BBCode/Markdown
  • Mastodon Glitch Edition
  • im@stodon(imastodon.net): Trending tags
  • Some instances: User emoji(:@acct:)
  • more...

locals and max too chars

We give you the nearest client of your instance.

Change maximum toot characters(also check max_toot_chars param) Locale

The newest features

These are features added to Mastodon recently. TheDesk supports all.

  • Schedule toot
  • Poll
  • Keybase
  • blurhash
  • Toot cards
  • Filters
  • Filters on notifications
  • Follow suggest
  • v2 search
  • Conversation DM
  • Account directory federated API
  • Markers

Third party tools

To improve Mastodon experience

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